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Affiliate World Conference, Barcelona

Affiliate World Conference, Barcelona A world of possibilities

The vibe at Affiliate World Conference 2022 was truly exhilarating! Convergen Agency was thrilled to have contributed to the community of the most fanatic affiliate marketers. It was not only the business cards we exchanged (though we met some amazing people too). It was more about the networking with the peeps, getting little assists and mentoring from the affiliate marketing gurus, and being in a room full of energetic geeks.


This event was incredibly motivating and inspiring, featuring a lineup of esteemed speakers who had pooled together a wealth of knowledge and practical tips that will steer you to success in no time. 


Our ultimate pride was to have Sarah Lamine, the CEO of Convergen, as the first Arab female speaker on the stage of AWC Barcelona 2022, to represent our agency and shed some light on our accomplishments and insights.


The topic tackled : From Dropshippers to Brand Owners

Before indulging in the real deal, here’s one of our favorite quotes : 


“Move fast and break things

Naval Ravikant 


As stated, in order to innovate and be successful, one must take risks and not be afraid to break things. And that’s exactly what we did at Convergen. 


Establishing a genuine brand through content marketing and devoted community : Bicycle Booth Case 


At AWC Barcelona, we were especially paying attention to the increasing trend of Drop shippers to become Brand Owners for the most popular topic. 


We have endeavored steadfast to express that success and strength of the brand are directly proportional to the effort, commitment, and a thorough comprehension of customer desires. 


The conversation was primarily focused on the ways in which content marketing, community development, and consistent branding can lift a drop-shipping venture into a highly recognizable brand. Bicycle Booth, a cycling apparels brand based in Canada, was our main case study showcasing these points. 


We gave valuable advice with regard to transitioning from drop-shipping to brand ownership, by keying into three main things : a meticulous strategy, a thoughtful understanding of your audience needs, and an appropriate blend of resources.


Bicycle Booth x IOS 15 

Even when they were faced with a very tough challenge in the shipping of IOS 15, Convergen and BB were both alert enough to not only survive this challenge but even to succeed by being agile.

Our Bicycle Booth’s experience, illuminated the notion that successful businesses incorporate resilience. It also conveyed the message that progress is linked to the ability to change.

To take it further, make sure to contact us to receive the entire presentation in your inbox.

Grow your reach without sacrificing your content quality


AWC Barcelona was not just about strategies, it gave a direction to go for real growth and empowered business owners to expand genuinely. We discussed how tools like Shopify can support businesses in growing without compromising their beliefs. 


As well, we shared our thoughts on creating an engaged community that fosters credibility and involvement.


What’s the best way to create amazing content and foster an engaged community?

Let’s be honest: consequently, generating content from time to time is a task that is not easy to implement.

It’s true that it require some effort in the long run to create the best post, mail, image etc., but the rewards are unchanging.

And that, will hold for searching time of the audience. On the contrary, when done correctly, this can really be the key factor that helps you develop good business-to-customer trust and, consequently, your brand has the loyalty of your most demanding clients, which eventually result in their repeated purchases.


Embrace the hustle and reap the rewards

The road to business achievement will not be clear-sailing, howsoever, there are correct tactics, tools, and techniques that may propel you to be successful in your trade. Witnessing AWC 2022 was as a followed the succession of lessons: to achieve big things, to learn from the Humongous behaviors of successful people, and to still get motivated in the most devastating situations.


Being in AWC Barcelona made us fueled and motivated to the leaf, so we could not avoid upgrading our business to a higher level upon coming back to Convergen and our clients.


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