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Scale your business through landing pages that convert.

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Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages are stand-alone pages that give a deep dive into the brand, the product or the services. It’s a keystone to lead conversion as customers “land” after they click on a link in an email or ads from Facebook, Google, Instagram.

Landing page has to be fancy and catchy. It has to be structured and follow this hierarchy

  • Headline 
  • Minimal copy 
  • One or two images
  • Form

This landing page is a lot longer than squeeze landing page as its goal is to promote the benefits of the product over and over again.The goal here is to convince potential customers to buy your product as simple as that.

A lead capture landing page is a bit like a squeeze landing page. The difference is instead of collecting only email addresses, we generally ask for more information from potential leads. A landing page that both balances between the “asks” and the “reward”.

404s are never a good look, but they’re inevitable from time to time. It’s important that you make them look as good as possible. We can be creative with a 404 page message and design.

We can use this page to offer more value, it’s an opportunity to build rapport with an already-interested customer.

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The Core elements of a landing page

The headline needs to be catchy, short and captivating since it’s the first thing your visitors see.

Your unique selling proposition is what differentiates you from your competitors. It should be short, and straightforward.

Who doesn’t love social proof?

It is more feasible to  convince customers to buy through social proof. Visitors could convert into consumers when they see other people using or trying your product.

The call-to-action is a powerful way of driving consumers into your funnel. Your call to action should be captivating, engaging and/or funny.

First impressions matter!

The visual representation in a landing page is a game-changer. It explains to  people what your offers, products and/or services.

People have short attention spans. To keep the reader engaged,  avoid long paragraphs, instead list short bullet points.

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