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Generate Growth with strategic influencer campaigns.

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Influencer Marketing

We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies with long-term potential.

For every brand there’s a perfect influencer that suits its image and we always know where to find them.

We connect your business with influencers who suit your brand and get people talking, and acting.

We set goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs before the start of every campaign.

That’s how we guarantee success.

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Our Steps:

We take charge of your influencer marketing campaign from start to finish to generate sales to your business.

This is how we do it!

  • Strategy Formulation:
    • Market benchmarking and competitive analysis
    • Avatar
    • Target audience
    • Influencers identification (Based on Niche)
  • Influencer content generation plan

  • Influencer management and guidance
  • Content creation guidelines (based on the needs and objectives)
  • Results Analytics and reporting

Leading ecommerce growth agency driving up to 30% business profitability

Convergen is an Ecommerce growth agency, we are dedicated to help scale your business.

At Convergen, we make every entrepreneur’s dreams come true with customer-first strategies.

Our sole purpose is to increase profit based on every business’ need.

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Trackable Revenue
Increase In Revenue
Worldwide Clients

Let us be your influencer matchmaker !

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