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E-Mail Marketing

Turning emails into a revenue powerhouse

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Best-in-class growth agency

When done the right way, Emails could be the most money-making channel of your e-commerce business.

To keep your email reaching your customers, you have to keep your open rates and click rates as high as possible. (Without spamming your client!)

  • We are always upgraded as we work with the latest SASS and tools.

  1. Create an in-depth audit to understand your business.
  2. Plan an entire calendar based on relatable content that connects you to  your audience with the Segment the brands/store’s audience and curate content based on their interest.
  3. Create powerful automations and campaigns that convert with our audience.

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Our Steps:

We partner with our clients to achieve one sole purpose: Free Money in the pocket.

Check how it’s done!

  • Emails List Checking
  • Tracking checking
  • Flows Structure Auditing
  • Historical Campaigns Auditing
  • Lists and segments Reviewing

  • Strategy Formulation:
    • Market benchmarking and competitive analysis
    • Avatar
    • Target Audience
    • Angles and axes identification
  • Flows Structure Preparation
  • Action Plan formulation and campaigns calendar preparation

  • Emails creative analysis and content generation
  • Implementation and execution
  • Optimization and A/B Testing
  • Data Analytics and reporting

Leading ecommerce growth agency driving up to 30% business profitability

Convergen is an Ecommerce growth agency, we are dedicated to help scale your business.

At Convergen, we make every entrepreneur’s dreams come true with customer-first strategies.

Our sole purpose is to increase profit based on every business’ need.

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Want to start elevating your brand, one email at a time today?

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