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Social Media Management

We manage all your social media strategically and get impactful results.

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Best-in-class growth agency

At convergen our main objective is upgrading the brands we work with.

Through benchmarking, deep research and strategies we connect your brand with clients in a compelling unique way.

Crafting brand strategies for our clients to create branding has been at the core of our priority.

We exist to help you cultivate engagement, nurture lasting relationships with a community, and grow your brand.

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Our Steps:

Benchmarking: We dissect industry leaders, unveiling tactics that resonate with your target audience.

Research: We decode your audience’s digital desires, their preferred platforms, and the content that makes them tick.

Strategy: We forge a personalized plan, blending organic reach with strategic paid advertising for maximum impact.

  • Social Networks Audit
  • Brand Guidelines and feed Review
  • Social Media Plan audit
  • Social Media Timeline review
  • Content types and creatives review

  • Strategy Formulation:
    • Market benchmarking and competitive analysis
    • Avatar
    • Target Audience
    • Angles and axes identification
    • Goals identification
  • Brand Guidelines elaboration (Graphic charter, Digital Charter,..)
  • Action Plan formulation and Social calendar preparation

  • Content generation and timeline preparation
  • Implementation and execution
  • Data Analytics and reporting (Engagement, Comments, Shares, Page views, follower,…)

In today’s digital age, social media is the bullhorn for your brand

It’s where conversations happen, communities thrive, and loyalties are forged. But navigating the ever-evolving landscape can be a daunting task. That’s where Convergen comes in.

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Ready to turn your social media presence into a symphony of success?

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